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What sets us apart? We consistently deliver compelling content with a hassle–free commitment:

Syndicated for more than 25 years, The Ramsey Show is a caller-driven show addressing the relevant needs of listeners, providing solid advice that changes not only individual lives but at times the trajectory of an entire family's future. Don't just take our word for it ... hear first-hand from Program Directors and Sales Managers on how they are winning with our show.

Winning as a Programmer

Carrying the show "live" from 2-5p.m. ET maximizes the local appeal. With caller-driven content, "live" clears provide constant exposure for local audience interaction. The show is produced each day in three (3) individual stand-alone modular hours. Stations that carry all three have the best success. Access our breadth of local support through the production of localized promos and liners, as well as short features and widgets — call for a conversation about what we have to offer. 615.614.4529

Winning as a Sales Manager

Local Endorsements: Dave will personally endorse local businesses who get it and know how to super-serve their customers with excellence. Exposure to Dave is just another thing that sets us apart from others at this level.

Local Sales Support: We provide a dedicated Affiliate Relations team. They are at your disposal to answer all your sales questions and support your sales efforts with a library of support materials such as:

Call now to speak with a representative who can answer any questions you might have relating to monetizing the show at 615.614.4529

The Ramsey Show Audience

Time Spent Listening

82% of listeners report listening for 15 minutes or more.

The average listener spends 32 minutes with the show.

32 minutes

The everyday listener spends 59 minutes with the show each day.

00:59 minutes

1 in 5 listeners report increased time spent listening to other talk radio shows as a result of first listening to The Ramsey Show.

1 in 5

New and Loyal Listeners

The Ramsey Show stays fresh as 1 in 5 listeners are new, but also maintains strong brand loyalty with nearly 30% listening for 5 years or more


51% Male

49% Female



Gen X

Baby Boomers


Average Household Income


73% higher than the average American household income of $51K

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